Championship Show Guppies


by Stephen Neil Kwartler

IFGA Hall of Fame Member
World Class 
Champion Breeder 
Stephen Neil Kwartler
2266 Woods & Water Ct
Sebring, FL 33872
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Strains Available 
May 2009

HB AOC Leopards
HB AOC Blue Grass
HB Reds
Gold Reds
Blue/Green Moscow’s
Mosaic Moscow’s


About the Breeder

the Cancer Survivor


the Grandpa


    I Do Not Have Breeding Stock Available For Sale At This Time

All the guppies offered for sale are bred and raised in my new fish room / hatchery now located in Sebring, Florida. I have been breeding guppies for over 40 years (born 1950) and have exhibited my guppies in many IFGA shows as well as guppy shows in Europe and the Far East. I have received many IFGA World Color Class Championship Awards and numerous Best of Show Awards over the past 25 years. I have recently been confirmed and certified a “Master Breeder” by the IFGA. I have been an IFGA Certified Judge for nearly 25 years and have recently been inducted into the International Fancy Guppy Association Hall of Fame. Receiving this award was a very humbling experience as it is a testimony of accomplishment for all the years of my participation in the IFGA as seen by my peers. My thanks to everyone, especially my dear friends Mark Reardon, Jay Crane, Mike Golomoswski from Chicago and my best friend and fellow Master Breeder,  Gene Baudier from New York, who worked so hard to see this through.


    About a decade ago, (1998) boy, time has past, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. After many chemo and numerous (over 25) radiations, I overcame my illness and was and still in remission.  Life can surely deal you a pair of deuces  or a royal flush. I drew an inside straight.


This past July (7-15-08) my son Stephen and his wife Jean brought into this world their 1st child, my first grandchild, Stephen James Kwartler. Breeding guppies, water changes, paying bills, etc. has a new meaning to me.

My fish room is accessible to all hobbyist from the beginner novice to the more experienced breeder. Since my fish room is located in my home advanced notice is required to schedule your visit.

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